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Dragon Kingdoms

by Thomas Eskew


 Latest Update (5/28) To the Something Awful forums...
Just to let you all know, this comic may be among the worst out there, but it almost certainly has changed somewhat. Yes, before 2005, it was just an awful copy-and-paste mess. However, after that, I made the switch to drawing the comic, thus resulting in very few copy and pastes. And, in February, I started to improve the story, based on input from the CG forums.

Unfortunately, the comic went into hiatus soon afterward, after an incident in March I'd rather forget. I have spent most of the time since then trying to make these comics better. No characters are going to disappear, but there will be less of a focus on each one.

In any event, thanks for the input. I'll have to keep it in mind the next time I make a comic.

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12.03.06-Four new comics added to the Links, beware of an OUTRAGED Corry
My, Corry's had a long wait for his premiere comic. If he has to wait too much longer... he may go into a horrible rage, and those Renzansu can easily become 10 times their size, as well- a fifty-foot angry (possibly OUTRAGED) Corry might not be the best thing to deal with. I found another comic series out there, in fact, several, that look to be good candidates for the link section. Cortland, by, well, Cortland. Reckless Youth, by Ryclaude, and Angry D. Monkey and Emergency Exit are the latest additions below!
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Dragon Kingdoms Heroes PosterAdded 03.27.06
Partial Map for Dragon Kingdoms V Added 07.12.05
Concept Art for Dragon Kingdoms VI Added 07.06.05
New William image for Dragon Kingdoms VI/Heroes of the Past Added 06.15.05
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