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Comic #201- Who Just Smashed Someone's House? Released 05.13.04, Added 01.29.05
William's new giant friend decides that it would be fun for her to see him smash something. But William says that the heroes would never stand for it and Thomas would have his head over it! She convinces him to do it, by saying that it's an empty place anyway, so he goes to smash it, only to be the victim of a nasty trick! Click here!
Comic #202- That Girl Is One Gigantic Pain in the... Released 05.20.04, Added 01.30.05
William's foot is on fire because the owner of the smashed house set it on fire, so he's looking for a place to put it out. Meanwhile, a ship is out sailing, when the giantess picks it up and puts it in a small lake, the one William's heading to. He smashes it without knowing it was put there. Click here!
Comic #203- Tom, That Girl's Bad News Released 05.27.04, Added 02.09.05
William returns to town and finds Thomas, who is mad at him for leaving them for that girl! William tells him about the kind of stuff that she has pulled, that he thinks she's evil! Click here!
Comic #204- A Fight On The Way To The Movies Released 06.03.04, Added 02.11.05
Our FOURTH summer begins with the heroes heading to the newly reopened, remodeled Cinema 16, when Dustin gets angry at Zalen for using his magic to get down from William when he had to climb down, and gets out his axe! Click here!
Comic #205- Breaking Zalen's Spell Released 06.10.04, Added 02.18.05
After William slammed the Great Sword into the ground near him, Zalen tells him that Dustin started the fight. William then responds that he doesn't care who started it, and that if he has to, he'll end it, and you won't like how he ends it! After that, he starts to cast Magic Break on Zalen. Click here!
Comic #206- Dustin's In BIG Trouble! Released 06.17.04, Added 02.25.05
William asks Dustin how he could attack his own friend, and then says maybe Thomas should hear about this. After William tells him what happened, Thomas demands that Dustin come to him to have a talk... Click here!
Comic #207- One Hot Week Released 06.24.04, Added 02.28.05
An intense heat wave grips the southern part of the continent the heroes live on, causing a week of temperatures in the 90's, 100's, and even 111 degrees, with heat indices between 105 and 130 degrees. Strangely enough, this comic was re-released at the end of February! Click here!
Comic #208- The Return of Mr. Thunderstorm Released 07.01.04, Added 03.04.05
William is outside when he sees a storm approaching. But this storm is more than something that ends the heat wave of the past week... this storm is MR. THUNDERSTORM, who has returned to give the heroes heck, and his first step in his plan of terror is to strike William with lightning! Click here!
Comic #209- Maybe Dustin Should Look More Carefully Released 07.08.04, Added 03.08.05
Dustin tells Thomas that maybe they should check on their friend, William, because he hasn't seen him all day. Thomas tells him he'll be fine in the storm, but Dustin decides to look for him anyway. He doesn't realize that he's standing on William when he's looking for him, and jumps into what he thinks is a river. Ouch! Click here!
Comic #210- Mr. SEVERE Thunderstorm Unleashes His Fury! Released 07.15.04, Added 03.12.05
William wakes up in pain when Dustin made the landing from his jump, and Dustin tells him to get down, as the storm tries to strike him down again. Mr. Thunderstorm becomes a Severe Thunderstorm, complete with hail, high winds, and heavy rain. He lets his hail down on William, and then lets a tornado come down to sweep him away! Click here!
Comic #211- Watch Out For The Giga Slayer! Released 07.22.04, Added 03.15.05
William is flying through the air, until he realizes... he CAN'T fly! He falls to the ground and smashes a pyramid upon impact. One of the local desert people goes to the impact site, and takes out his sword to get ready to cut up the one that fell down! Click here!
Comic #212- The Giga Slayer Can Cut Through ANYTHING! Released 07.29.04, Added 03.20.05
William is furious at the guy for slashing his shirt off, ready to pound him into the sand, when the guy gives him a strangle. He then gets ready to cut up his foot, and when William tries to crush him, he points the Giga Slayer upward! Click here!
Comic #213- Being Held Captive By The Desert People of Highsands! Released 08.05.04, Added 04.04.05
William is then tied up and wheeled into Highsands, where he awaits his fate. He sees a red light shine into the sky, which means the Titans are about to be freed if he isn't freed, evil creatures that a castle is barely a grain of sand to, and are big enough to crush mountains! Click here!
Comic #214- We Interrupt Dragon Kingdoms Comics for a BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! Released 08.12.04, Added 04.09.05
Storm Tracker 10,000 shows Tropical Storm Becky ready to bear down on the heroes' town, and is expected to be a Category 2 Hurricane by the time it reaches there! The heroes go to the local grocery to prepare for the storm, only for it to be out of water and canned foods! Click here!
Comic #215- The Fury of the Tropics Released 08.19.04, Added 04.13.05
Hurricane Becky heads for the heroes' Hometown, packing 95 mph winds (A Category 2). But Thomas refuses to leave his house and his town behind. However, William picks the house up and leaves the area! Click here!
Comic #216- Going To Altan Plateau Didn't Help Us Escape Released 08.26.04, Added 05.03.05
William heads east into the Altan Plateau, the highest point of land in the world, to escape the storm. However... Click here!
Comic #217- The Hurricane- Explained Released 09.02.04, Added 05.11.05
Just a special done on the hurricane, that annoying, destructive spinning thing that doesn't want to go away! (Even when I wrote this on January 4, 2006) Click here!
Comic #218- Tom, You REALLY Shouldn't Call Him Dusty Released 09.09.04, Added 05.17.05
Thomas and Dustin argue over which of them would win in a fight with each other. And when Thomas calls Dustin 'Dusty', things really heat up! Click here!
Comic #219- Tom, You SHOULD Care! Released 09.16.04, Added 05.29.05
Thomas and Dustin's fight goes so far, that William has to end it. So, he does, and what we see is scary. Click here!
Comic #220- Sarin's Curiosity Released 09.23.04, Added 09.23.04
Sarin sees William, and wonders what it would be like to pull on his hair, using it to swing back and forth... Click here!
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