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Comic #21- Survival Of The Fittest, 2nd Edition Released 04.12.01, Added 05.25.04
DKBS Presents Survival Of The Fittest! The heroes had to carry an egg without breaking it, but one of them did, and could be voted off the island! Click here to see who!
Comic #22- A Small Feeling Released 04.19.01, Added 06.01.04
William is tired and falls asleep, just as one of the slimes from the Slime Gang appears... and zaps him! He then starts to shrink... how small? Click here!
Comic #23- A Small Feeling, Part 2 Released 04.26.01, Added 06.02.04
William has shrunk down to being 5 1/2 inches tall, and has a nightmare about being in a 6-inch sub sandwich, getting eaten! Click here!
Comic #24- A Small Feeling, Part 3 Released 05.03.01, Added 06.04.04
William is still small, but is starting to grow back to his "normal" size. That slime is really going to get it now! Click here!
Comic #25- Time To Celebrate! Released 05.10.01, Added 06.05.04
And now, after 25 comics, the heroes celebrate again! Many different characters, from all over the RPG universe, can be seen here! Click here!
Comic #26- Who's The Weakest Link? Released 05.17.01, Added 06.15.04
Anne Robinson asks Who is the Hero in Dragon Kingdoms III? Thomas says that's a silly question, that he's the hero! See what happens by clicking the link! Click here!
Comic #27- A Scary Trip Released 05.24.01, Added 06.22.04
Ghost William appears and scares William away, causing him to run into a wall! The ghost then proceeds to eat the heroes... Click here!
Comic #28- A Scary Trip, Part 2 Released 05.31.01, Added 06.25.04
William got the heroes out of the ghost, but it's not done yet! The ghost feeds off people's anger and grows. It grows enough to grab William to try to crush him! Click here!
Comic #29- Stop That Thief! Released 06.07.01, Added 06.26.04
Darre makes his first appearance, going to the SHOP of many useful things, robbing it, and running up a "hill". But this "hill" isn't a hill at all, it's... Click here!
Comic #30- It's Not What You Think Released 06.14.01, Added 06.28.04
On a beautiful summer day, the heroes go to the local movie theater, Cinema 16, to see a movie. But, something goes wrong. Click here!
Comic #31- One Hot Day Released 06.21.01, Added 06.29.04
The first of many hot days that we would see the heroes experience. Click here!
Comic #32- Meeting William's Family Released 06.28.01, Added 07.06.04
Dustin and Thomas see it's a warm, beautiful day. But someone wants to play... look out, Dustin! Click here!
Comic #33- Meeting William's Family, Part 2 Released 07.05.01, Added 07.09.04
We get to see all three brothers of the family. William and John are dealing with getting poked, and Little Brian tries to swallow the car that Thomas is stuck moving in. Click here!
Comic #34- John's Destructive Anger Released 07.12.01, Added 07.10.04
The farmer that was poking two of the brothers deals with getting crushed by John, as William tells him to stop. Does he listen? Click here to find out!
Comic #35- Summer Party Released 07.18.01, Added 07.12.04
The heroes are out having fun in the sun at the beach on this summer day. William builds a sandcastle that's big enough for the heroes to live in! Click here!
Comic #36- Troubles with NBCi, Xoom Released 07.29.01, Added 07.13.04
William tries to download part 1 of Dragon Kingdoms III from RMD, only to find out that NBCi deleted it off the site! So, he finds out where they are and pays them a little visit... Click here!
Comic #37- Troubles with NBCi, Xoom- Part 2 Released 08.02.01, Added 07.16.04
William finds the NBCi building, as well as the network executive that deleted the site. Click here!
Comic #38- Another Hot Day Released 08.09.01, Added 07.17.04
August is one hot month... it's making one of the heroes so thirsty, he could drink a lake completely dry! Click here!
Comic #39- It Came From Another Webcomic Released 08.16.01, Added 07.19.04
Hero from RPG World falls from a portal in the sky to the world of the heroes, and gets into an interesting conversation. The first of many webcomic cameos. Click here!
Comic #40- It Came From Another Webcomic, Part 2 Released 08.23.01, Added 07.20.04
Hero from RPG World is in trouble when the Shadow Slimes attack him, and leave him for dead when a certain someone appears. Click here!
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