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Comic #41- It Came From Another Webcomic, Part 3 Released 08.30.01, Added 07.23.04
Hero from RPG World and the heroes take care of the monsters that are after the new visitor. They go up a level just as the RPG World heroes call for Hero to return, to take care of the monsters after them! Click here!
Comic #42- Trying To Get Out of The Storm Released 09.06.01, Added 07.24.04
William is caught in the middle of a really bad storm, and looks for a place to get out of the rain... good luck doing that when people barely reach your ankles! Click here!
Comic #43- In The World of Slumber Released 09.13.01, Added 07.26.04
Released only 2 days after 9/11, I could've decided to take that week off. But then, when I saw the other comic sites update, I realized that maybe a new comic is just what we need to get through these tough times. The heroes end up in some weird dream world where the sky is orange and the land is blue, and Shizzle is a titan that causes trouble. Click here!
Comic #44- What Has Shizzle Done?! Released 09.20.01, Added 07.27.04
William starts shrinking, first he gets smaller than the house, then the same size as Thomas, then smaller, much smaller, small enough to fit in a jar... Click here!
Comic #45- What Has Shizzle Done?! Part 2 Released 09.27.01, Added 07.30.04
Shizzle has placed William in a jar, and the heroes are mad! They want to do some "redecorating" to the castle he's being kept in. Click here!
Comic #46- What Has Shizzle Done?! Part 3 Released 10.04.01, Added 07.31.04
Dustin has an encounter with John, but it isn't time for fighting! It's time to find William and free him from Shizzle's jar! Click here!
Comic #47- Shizzle's Punishment Released 10.11.01, Added 08.06.04
For Shizzle's punishment, William painted his castle white and turned his bed into a tanning bed! Shizzle is mad and tries to get back at him by punching him. Click here!
Comic #48- Even Now, I Still Know What You Did Last Winter Released 10.18.01, Added 08.07.04
For Halloween 2001, the heroes revisit Cinema 16. The movie that's showing makes fun of I Know What You Did Last Summer and its sequel. Click here!
Comic #49- Big Guy On The Field Released 10.25.01, Added 08.09.04
Continued from Comic #42, William is in a football stadium just as the Dragonia Dragons play the Ice Box Polar Bears! And the team's coach tells him he has to leave, as well. But then, he changes his mind. Click here!
Comic #50- 50th Comic Spectacular Released 11.01.01, Added 06.06.04
Comic #50 looks at the highlights of the past 49 comics, the best of the first 25 are in this part. Click here!
Comic #50b- 50th Comic Spectacular, Part 2 Released 11.02.01, Added 06.06.04
Comic #50 looks at the highlights of the past 49 comics, the best of the last 25 are in this part. Click here!
Comic #51- Dragon Kingdoms VII Released 11.08.01, Added 08.10.04
Somehow, the heroes end up in the middle of Dragon Warrior VII, with the hero of the game and Kiefer meeting them. Some interesting things happen, as well. The very next day that year marked one year of comics, too! Click here!
Comic #52- William vs. William Released 11.15.01, Added 08.14.04
William of the comic series and Prince William of British royalty are put up against each other to find out who has the overall advantage. Click here!
Comic #53- The Day After... Thanksgiving Released 11.23.01, Added 08.16.04
Dragonia Square Mall is absolutely packed on this day, as people get ready for the next big holiday by buying presents. Click here!
Comic #54- The Wild, Wild West Released 11.29.01, Added 08.17.04
The Legendary Tales part of the series, this episode has William meeting Paul Bunyan, apparently. Someone wants to write a story on this event, but the Blue Ox interrupts by almost ramming into the cabin! Click here!
Comic #55- The Wild, Wild West- Part 2 Released 12.06.01, Added 08.20.04
Going westward, William meets Paul Bunyan once again, but there isn't enough room for both of them! They get into a fight, but Paul sends him flying onto a cabin, smashing it to pieces! Click here!
Comic #56- The Wild, Wild West- Part 3 Released 12.13.01, Added 08.21.04
A small, one-horse town had a problem with bandits stealing the town's stuff- but then one day, William showed up to stop this trouble! One of the bandits foolishly decided to act tough... Click here!
Comic #57- The Wild, Wild West- Part 4 Released 12.20.01, Added 08.23.04
The conclusion of the Legendary Tales part of the series, there appears to be a Gold Rush in California in the late 1840s! The settlers don't want William to get any gold, so they try to take him down for tons of gold. Click here!
Comic #58- Into the World of Dreams Released 12.27.01, Added 08.24.04
The sequel to 2000's World of Dreams (Comic #7), Thomas is again having a dream. This time, he keeps growing and growing... past William, up into the clouds, up past the clouds, big enough to destroy entire continents. But there is a problem with that... Click here!
Comic #59- ADVENTURERS of Winter Released 01.02.02, Added 08.27.04
For the first comic of 2002, Karn and his party from ADVENTURERS! appear from a portal in the sky. Karn thinks William is a monster and tries to give him a slashing with his sword! But can the sword take it? Click here to find out!
Comic #60- When Zalen Met Ardam Released 01.09.02, Added 08.28.04
Ardam from ADVENTURERS! appears from another portal and wants to give William a zapping to take care of the "monster" that Karn did not. The heroes tell him to stop, but... Click here!
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