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Comic #101- Stop that Old Man! Released 09.08.02, Added 11.29.04
Since the Old Man can't damage William physically, he's going to try it magically! However, Firebane and IceBolt aren't very effective on him. The Warrior keeps trying to get him to stop it, but fails, and tries to find someone to stop the Old Man from destroying his new friend! Click here!
Comic #102- The Dragon Warrior's Close Call Released 09.12.02, Added 11.30.04
The Warrior is stuck in combat with a Furry and 2 Slimes, which start a Super Attack! They unleash their power and knock his HP down to 1, when someone appears to save him. Click here!
Comic #103- The Old Man Causes More Trouble Released 09.15.02, Added 12.01.04
The Old Man sees William behind some houses and taunts him. William tells him to give up the fight, saying that if he thinks he can beat him, there's something wrong with him! Click here!
Comic #104- The Brief Adventure of Big Tom Released 09.19.02, Added 12.03.04
Thomas finds himself nine miles away from Hometown without William's help, and without him, it'll take hours to walk that far, so he has his friends attack him to make him become huge, so it wouldn't be as far to walk. Click here!
Comic #105- Back to the Books, Darre! Released 09.22.02, Added 12.04.04
Darre is robbing someone's house, and William is nearby to listen. Darre then leaves, only to be picked up and scolded by him and gets told by Thomas that he has to go back to Hero School. Also, check out the names on the grade list- Mortis, Phylo and Random, Story, they are jabs at Phylomortis and the hero of Laxius Power I. Click here!
Comic #106- Darre... School Skipper? Released 09.26.02, Added 12.05.04
Darre goes back to Hero University to learn how to be a hero, receives his schedule, and tries to escape without being seen by William. He then starts walking up this strange green hill that feels like cloth... Click here!
Comic #107- Darre's Escape Attempt Released 09.29.02, Added 12.06.04
Darre asks his classmates if any of them are rich and leaves class due to boredom. William drinks something to make him smaller temporarily, and tells Darre he shouldn't leave class. Darre does anyway, and William goes outside. Click here!
Comic #108- Darre's Sin Palace- Open Forever Released 10.03.02, Added 12.07.04
Darre faints at the sight of William's intense anger at him, and falls into a dream world that is like something in a Twilight Zone episode. Darre orders his servant to rob every place within a 20-mile radius. However, it starts to lose its thrill after a while... Click here!
Comic #109- No Luck Necessary to Win Released 10.06.02, Added 12.08.04
Burned out from robbing people without getting caught, Darre does some gambling to unwind. He gets a jackpot and plays again, and gets another jackpot. He keeps playing and playing and gets jackpot after jackpot, winning 73 in a row and getting so much gold that he couldn't even stuff it in William's huge shoes! Click here!
Comic #110- A Duel With William?! Darre's Doomed! Released 10.10.02, Added 12.10.04
Darre exclaims there's too much gold and says it doesn't look like Thief Haven at all! His servant says who said it was Thief Haven and the room starts shaking... and the servant turns out to be William, growing to his 100-foot size. Also note the battle sequence looks like something out of Kingdom Hearts... Click here!
Comic #111- Just Can't Lie While Looking At Him Released 10.13.02, Added 12.11.04
The doctor comes to Thomas, saying Darre has woken up... but he's worried about his other friend outside the building, and says he must stay there. Thomas then tells him he won't shrink down, because... he gets interrupted by William, who is now angry at the doctor for lying, and the doctor's knees are shaking. Click here!
Comic #112- Squall Should Have Listened Released 10.17.02, Added 12.12.04
Squall, er... Leon meets Cloud in the Coliseum in Hercules, and tries to blast him with Renzokuken... but he hits William, instead! Leon then says he'll take him down, too, as well as Cloud. A lot of crazy stuff happened back in 2002 in these comics... Click here!
Comic #113- The Shizzotron Causes Trouble Released 10.20.02, Added 12.13.04
Shizzle announces a plan to bring down the heroes... a huge, robot version of himself called the Shizzotron. Also, the old villains give the heroes heck while Shizzle builds the machine. The machine is still too small, however. Click here!
Comic #114- Shizzle's Big Mistake Released 10.24.02, Added 12.14.04
Shizzle launches a missile to hit William where it counts, causing him to fall... right onto the Shizzotron! The machine can't possibly handle that much weight, and Shizzle would wipe that smile off William's face, if it weren't so far off the ground. Click here!
Comic #115- The Drink That Makes You Grow Released 10.27.02, Added 12.15.04
Shizzle escapes the Shizzotron before William smashes it, and threatens to tear him up from inside him, as William drinks something to make him grow, making Shizzle's complaints about it being too far down multiply rapidly. Click here!
Comic #116- Looks Like The Giants Couldn't Win Released 10.30.02, Added 12.17.04
In the Fall Classic of 2002, the Giants couldn't stomp the Halo, as the Angels win 4-3. Upset over the loss, William has a nightmare about the game, and ends up on a baseball field, in a game against the Angels. Click here!
Comic #117- What Happens When You Insult Him Released 11.03.02, Added 12.18.04
William is insulted by the crowd at the game, as they throw their food at him. He punches a hole in the seating area, and everyone scrambles to leave. The Angel becomes gigantic in response... Click here!
Comic #118- Cinema 16's Fall Movie Showcase Released 11.07.02, Added 12.19.04
The heroes return to Cinema 16 to see Blue Tiger (a parody of Red Dragon) and go to find the room it's playing in... Click here!
Comic #119- Honey, I Blew Up The Universe! Released 11.10.02, Added 12.20.04
The start of the third year of the comics! Somehow, the heroes ended up at the wrong movie. They end up seeing "Honey, I Blew Up The Universe", where the universe starts growing, and Zane Walinski and his wife are not included in the growth! However, someone in the audience is so distracting, that the movie is interrupted. Click here!
Comic #120- The Twister Throws A Twist Into Our Story Released 11.14.02, Added 12.26.04
William sees a tornado, and tells Thomas and Dustin about it, telling them to get in the basement! Thomas says he doesn't care, which causes William to lift the entire house off the ground. He then tries to escape from the tornado, but Mother Nature has other plans... Click here!
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