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Comic #81- Stuck in the Great Sword Released 06.05.02, Added 10.11.04
The second summer of the comic series begins with William trapped in the Great Sword due to Red Mage not believing he existed, so he ended up there. Only Fighter can possibly get him out now... Click here!
Comic #82- This is Gyp-Parody! Host: Alex Quebec Released 06.12.02, Added 10.12.04
More summer craziness, this time the heroes have appeared on a Game Show set, this one a parody of Jeopardy with Fighter and the hero of Suikoden II! The category is Recurring RPG Heroes for 100 Gold! Click here!
Comic #83- Spaceports Deleting Service Released 06.19.02, Added 10.19.04
It seems like every six months during 2001 and 2002, that the site got deleted by its host. And this time, it's Spaceports that is the offender! What will happen to them? Click here!
Comic #84- William's Bad Day Released 06.26.02, Added 10.22.04
On a particular bad day, William bumps his foot against a house, trips, and falls down right onto it. The owner orders him to rebuild his house, or suffer a zapping of 10,000 Volts! Click here to see what happens!
Comic #85- Cinema 16's Summer Movies Spectacular! Released 07.03.02, Added 10.23.04
The heroes go to Cinema 16 to see a movie, when Darre is robbing the concession stand! William appears and tells Darre to stop. Darre then tells him to mind his own business and bites his finger when he tries to pick him up! Click here!
Comic #86- It's Time to 86 it?! Released 07.10.02, Added 10.25.04
The post courier gives William a pink envelope, which he opens, thinking it's from a lady, when he sees it's... it's a PINK SLIP! Oh no! The heroes have been FIRED! Now they have to find another job! Click here!
Comic #87- Cinema 16's Summer Movies Spectacular! PART 2 Released 07.17.02, Added 10.26.04
This comic picks up where #85 left off, with Darre still being bad, and Thomas and Dustin finally get to the movie. I think Dusty better watch his temper... oops. Hope he didn't just read this. KA-BOOM!!! I guess he did. Click here!
Comic #88- Journey into William's House (Part 1) Released 07.24.02, Added 11.02.04
The heroes decide to come over to William's house, because there's not much else to do during the Summer doldrums... interestingly enough, the re-release of this occurred in November. Click here!
Comic #89- Journey into William's House (Part 2) Released 07.28.02, Added 11.05.04
Thomas gets to see the World's Largest Soda- Colossal Cola, and then sees that John's shoes are already dirtied up again, when Little Brian decides to have some fun with Tom stuck in a sock! Click here!
Comic #90- Journey into William's House (Part 3) Released 08.01.02, Added 11.06.04
Thomas finally escapes from the sock and gives Little Brian a little taste of his sword. Then Little Brian gets a little lecture from his older brothers. The Webcomic Edition also marks the beginning of the end of the early era of the comics. Also, the comics become twice weekly for a short time, until December 2002. Click here!
Comic #91- Journey into William's House (Part 4) Released 08.04.02, Added 11.08.04
A little flashback to Comic #32, where John picks up Dustin to have some fun against his will. That is what led up to Dustin wanting to fight John, despite the HUGE size difference. Also, Darre seems to want to cause more trouble, yet AGAIN! Click here!
Comic #92- Why You Shouldn't Fight With THIS Family Released 08.08.02, Added 11.12.04
Darre steals money from William, only to have him see him walk away with it. Darre then bites him, and in response, William gives him a little flick for 97 damage! Also, the Save Game screen comes up, just in time for Dustin and John to fight. Click here!
Comic #93- Game Over, Game Over, GAME OVER! Released 08.11.02, Added 11.13.04
After failing once and getting the dreaded Game Over, Dustin tries again and again, getting Game Over after Game Over, trying to take John down. Thomas tells him it won't stop until he gives up the fight. Click here!
Comic #94- The Return of Shizzle Released 08.15.02, Added 11.15.04
Somehow, they break out of the GAME OVERs, and start out on their next adventure when Shizzle reappears to give them trouble! His skin has become a lighter gray thanks to the extra light he got from causing trouble last time. He decides to give William a blast where it hurts the most! Click here!
Comic #95- Tom, That's No Stranger In Your House Released 08.18.02, Added 11.16.04
A shrunken William comes to the heroes' house to ask for help. Dustin lets him in and gives him the only stuff he could find for clothes. However, Thomas has a problem with Dustin letting 'strangers' in his house... Click here!
Comic #96- Just a Temporary Spell Released 08.22.02, Added 11.19.04
The heroes go to look for Shizzle, when William starts to grow back to his full size, which presents some problems... his temporary clothes pop off, and he has to find his regular ones, without being seen! Click here!
Comic #97- Attack of the Giant W & W Candy Piece! Released 08.25.02, Added 11.20.04
The heroes return to town, only to find a giant yellow monster with a W on it ripping apart the city! It then picks William up and throws him down onto a warehouse building, doing tons of damage! Click here!
Comic #98- Unplugging What Makes The W & W Beast Tick Released 08.29.02, Added 11.27.04
The giant W & W Beast swallows William whole, which turns out to be a bad move for it. William finds a machine and slashes it, and the beast begins to shrink... I don't want to be on his bad side, that sword is awfully huge and sharp! Click here!
Comic #99- Not So Wise Old Man 101 Released 09.01.02, Added 11.28.04
Yep, it's yet another cross-over comic! This time, it's the Warrior and the Old Man from Dragon Warrior 101 that appear in the world of Dragon Kingdoms III. The Old Man is hitting William with his cane, doing zero damage, and orders the Warrior to give him a slashing, doing 1 damage each time, with the thinking that if he gives up, the beast will swallow them up! Click here!
Comic #100- 100th Comic Spectacular Released 09.05.02, Added 06.08.04
Another major milestone, Comic #100 provides the heroes with a level-up, a look at each of the heroes' adventures back in 1999 in Dragon Kingdoms III, and various cameos. This is actually a four-part special! Click here!
Comic #100b- 100th Comic Spectacular CONTINUES... Released 09.06.02, Added 06.09.04
This part of the Spectacular looks at the villains of the past 100 comics and the milestone comics of the past. Click here!
Comic #100c- 100th Comic Spectacular CONTINUES... Released 09.10.02, Added 06.11.04
This part of the Spectacular looks at the heroes' best and worst moments of the past 100 comics. Click here!
Comic #100d- 100th Comic Spectacular CONTINUES... Released 09.14.02, Added 06.12.04
This part of the Spectacular shows one panel out of the comics for every other month of 2000 and 2001, and every month of 2002 up to the present. Click here!
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