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Comic #241- Time For February Sweeps! Released 02.17.05, Added 02.17.05
The Webcomic Executives (TWE) make an unscheduled visit to Thomas' house, to have a talk with him. And since it's a sweeps month and ratings are down, someone has to leave. Who? You'll have to click here to find out!
Comic #242- *spoilers* Last Comic? Released 02.24.05, Added 02.24.05
With the decision from the Webcomic Executives made, the world turns gloomy. Dustin thinks that Heaven's mad about this, and it will stay gloomy until the character in #241 returns! Click here!
Comic #243- Without *spoilers*, The Monsters Have Nothing to Fear! Released 03.03.05, Added 03.03.05
The skies clear, and Thomas tells Dustin that everything's alright. However, Zalen knocks at the door, saying that all the monsters they've ever faced are heading for the house! Click here!
Comic #244- Tom, We Need *spoilers* Back To Stop These Monsters! Released 03.10.05, Added 03.10.05
Zalen tells Thomas that the monsters know that *character who left in #242* isn't here, and that they'll destroy us! Meanwhile, Dustin goes to see him... Click here!
Comic #245- Could *spoilers* Be Coming Back? Released 03.19.05, Added 03.19.05
Dustin makes it to *spoilers* house, trying to convince him to return! However, he's not so sure he wants to return after what happened. Click here!
Comic #246- Getting Even With The Webcomic Executives! Released 03.24.05, Added 03.24.05
Dustin looks at the ratings chart and sees that ratings did improve, until he realizes that the chart was upside down, meaning that ratings declined! So, Dustin, William, and Thomas go to the TWE building to straighten things out... Click here!
Comic #247- William! Think About What You're Doing! Released 03.31.05, Added 03.31.05
William reaches for the top floor where the CEO of TWE is, only to break a window and get it stuck in his thumb! Dustin tells Thomas to get it out before their eardrums shatter from William's yelling. But Thomas doesn't want to... Click here!
Comic #248- Fear The Nova Flame... Eventually Released 04.07.05, Added 04.07.05
In a spoof of a Dragon Ball series attack sequence, Thomas charges his Nova Flame spell to give William a bad burn... or so he thinks. Click here!
Comic #249- April Downpours Bring... BIG Trouble! Released 04.14.05, Added 04.14.05
The heroes are out on a nice spring day until... a thunderstorm starts and strikes William with lightning! He then falls to the ground with a mighty thud. Click here!
Comic #250- 250TH COMIC SPECTACULAR! Released 04.24.05, Added 04.24.05
The start of the 250th Comic Spectacular was April 24, 2005, but it went on for almost a week. Click here!
Comic #251- Tom, Why Don't You Listen To Me? Released 04.30.05, Added 04.30.05
Thomas tries to get William to wake up by yelling at him, and pulling his hair as hard as he can, despite Dustin telling him he shouldn't. Click here!
Comic #252- The Hometown SUPER Spectacular Delayed Their Plans Released 05.04.05, Added 05.04.05
Sarin tells William that she'd like to go to town with him. However, Hometown is having a parade as part of the Hometown SUPER Spectacular, which lasts the whole month, and they can't risk having William step on someone or something. Click here!
Comic #253- It's A Nice Day, Go Outside! Released 05.12.05, Added 05.12.05
On a beautiful spring day, William is trying to get Dustin and Thomas to go outside. But they have other plans... Click here!
Comic #254- Origins Of The Realm of Dragons Released 05.19.05, Added 05.19.05
Thomas tells us about how the world of Dragon Kingdoms got started. Unfortunately, he runs out of time to explain everything. Click here!
Comic #255- The C256 Bug Has The World In A Panic! Released 05.26.05, Added 05.26.05
Weird weather occurrences such as snow in late May and the coldest May weather since the Great Chill (their Ice Age), and a news report about the C.Counter not being able to go past 255 has everyone fearing the end of the world! Click here!
Comic #0- It's The End Of The World As We Know It? Released 06.02.05, Added 06.02.05
The System (sort of like The Matrix) has crashed, and the heroes end up high above the world, while The Creator tries to explain the situation. Click here!
Comic #F1- What Has Happened To Our World?! Released 06.09.05, Added 06.09.05
The heroes return to a post-apocalyptic world where everything is barren. William is quite upset over this news, and starts crying. Click here!
Comic #F2- You Would Cry Too If This Happened To You! Released 06.17.05, Added 06.17.05
Two guys end up near a lake formed by William's tears, one nearly washed away by them. They decide to find the Giga Slayer (like in #212). Meanwhile, the water level keeps rising... Click here!
Comic #F3- William! Stop It Before You Flood The World! Released 06.23.05, Added 06.23.05
With the water level now 10 feet high (higher than any human is tall), Zalen decides to take action and strikes the water around William with his strongest lightning spell, Million Volts! And the Final Battle is set into motion... Click here!
Main Series Finale Comic- COMBINE... Wait, We're Missing Some Villains! Released 07.01.05, Added 07.01.05
William tries to finish his internal battle, while the monsters try to combine into one and take down the heroes... but they're missing a few. Click here!
Main Series Finale Comic Part 2- Untitled Not Yet Released
When released, this comic will conclude the Main Series with the monsters having combined, and our heroes having to put a stop to them. However, this comic won't appear until the new series begins, possibly in mid-January 2006. Click here!
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