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Comic #141- Teaching the Titan A Lesson Released 03.20.03, Added 05.16.04
William encounters the titan that is the owner of The Webcomic Union- since he won't let his friends leave for one second, EVER, to see their friend, William decides to climb the titan and teach him a lesson! Click here!
Comic #142- Go Fly A Kite Released 03.27.03, Added 05.19.04
Thomas, William, and Dustin are out enjoying a beautiful spring day. When Thomas decides to fly his kite, it breaks off its string! Luckily, someone is able to catch it before it flies away. Click here!
Comic #143- Fun at the Picnic Released 04.03.03, Added 05.23.04
The heroes are at a picnic on a nice spring day, looking like there isn't a care in the world! But, that all changes when thunder rumbles and lightning strikes! Click here!
Comic #144- Has William Gone Bad? Released 04.10.03, Added 05.26.04
Another nice day, yawn... What's this? William is in town smashing things? Eating people he comes across, and jumping onto buildings to crush them? Has the day finally arrived that he'd betray us? Click here to see what he does!
Comic #145- You're Being Really Mean, William! Released 04.17.03, Added 05.28.04
William decides to help a lady water her plants... by peeing on them! Thomas decides it's time to take action by giving him a good slashing from his sword... Click here!
Comic #146- I Guess He's Not Bad After All! Released 04.24.03, Added 05.29.04
There's something going on... William's foot is on fire and he thinks someone's setting him up. Meanwhile, the glass shop is being shaken HARD by his stomps, shattering tons of glassware! Thomas returns to give him another slashing... but he discovers something! Click here!
Comic #147- Stopping the Giant Impostor Released 05.01.03, Added 05.30.04
Zalen shows up to give William a zapping, when Thomas tells him that there's an impostor in town causing trouble! The impostor reaches into a building to get a little snack, and swallows the little guy whole! Click here!
Comic #148- Enter the Giant Robot Released 05.08.03, Added 05.31.04
The heroes see that the impostor is a robot and decide to enter it and cause trouble! However, Dustin goes to the wrong one, going up the real William's nose! Click here!
Comic #149- Taking Care of the Impostor's Master Released 05.15.03, Added 06.14.04
Thomas shatters the impostor's right eardrum, while Zalen discovers that Shizzle is the master of the impostor! Zalen gives Shizzle a freeze and makes him little, about to smash him! Click here!
Comic #150- 150th Comic Super Spectacular! Released 05.22.03, Added 06.13.04
Another milestone comic special, this one looks back at the past, with one panel for every two months covered in 2000-2002, as well as January-May 2003. Also, a nice pic of each character is shown after the May 2003 panel, including rarely seen Sarin, and the only appearance of Carle so far! Click here!
Comic #151- The Dragon Kingdoms Movie Released 05.29.03, Added 06.16.04
For the start of our third summer, Dragon Kingdoms goes Hollywood! A studio called Epic Studios has decided to make a movie based on the story of Dragon Kingdoms III, and the part where King Montane visits Serenia is shown! But something doesn't go quite right... Click here!
Comic #152- The Dragon Kingdoms Movie (Part 2) Released 06.05.03, Added 06.21.04
The character that plays William has done something very bad, and the director wants him in his office! The actor gets into a fight with the director, Thomas, and the actor escapes outside, only to see William show up! Click here!
Comic #153- The Dragon Kingdoms Movie (Part 3) Released 06.12.03, Added 06.23.04
The actor that plays William returns to Thomas' office, only to see him wielding a sword, and an angry William sees it all! The actor calls him a jerk and tells him he'd rather play Celestial Descent, at which point William bumps him off to the ground below, and... Click here!
Comic #154- The Dragon Kingdoms Movie (Part 4) Released 06.19.03, Added 06.27.04
Hmm, looks rather familiar... a director that looks a LOT like Thomas is looking for actors for the movie. Click here!
Comic #155- The Dragon Kingdoms Movie (Part 5) Released 06.26.03, Added 06.30.04
The actor that plays William smashes Serene Town because he thought it would liven up the story, and gets called to the office. He gets into a fight with Thomas and goes outside. Click here!
Comic #156- The Dragon Kingdoms Movie (Conclusion) Released 07.03.03, Added 07.05.04
Very similar to Comic #153, with the exception that the cycle finally gets broken, and the book closes on the most tiring, and worst line of comics time of the series. Click here!
Comic #157- The Problems of Being Too... BIG! Released 07.10.03, Added 07.07.04
An update of one of the older comics? Sure, and a rather nice one at that. This comic shows the problems of being too big, with William obviously showing us them. Click here!
Comic #158- Cinema 16's Summer Movie Spectacular of 2003 Released 07.17.03, Added 07.11.04
It's mid-July and we're stumped on ideas, so let's go to Cinema 16! Now showing: X19: It's So Old Now, Pirates of the Sharabean, The League of Not So Extraordinary Gentlemen, Charlie's Devils 2, Looking for Nimmo, and Matrix: Crashed. Windows XP 2029 edition lets them down with the Blue Screen of Death, and MacOS XXII doesn't act any better. Click here to see if the Matrix can get started!
Comic #159- Where's the Action At? Released 07.24.03, Added 07.14.04
It's Friday, October 26, 2029, and THEMATRIX60 opens up AOL Version 35.0 to chat with Neo2029. Neo says the Matrix is down because it got overloaded by Clones. AOL then detects an illegal conversation and will vaporize the PC and its user in 5 seconds! Click here!
Comic #160- Looks Like A Bad Storm Is Coming Released 07.31.03, Added 07.18.04
Disgusted by the horrible movie, the heroes head home. William says that they should take it easy because no monsters are in sight, but then... Mr. Thunderstorm appears, to cause him to run home! Click here!
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