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Comic #181- What Happens While VideoWizard Is On Vacation (Part 3) Released 12.26.03, Added 09.26.04
Tired of the doldrums, the world starts demanding for its creator to return, so they can go on with their lives. Things get rather violent, too... hopefully, its creator will return soon. Click here!
Comic #182- Our Creator Has Finally Returned! Released 01.02.04, Added 09.29.04
After a two-week vacation, VideoWizard returns, and orders the violence to stop! They refuse, and mysterious events occur, such as people disappearing and returning as a slime or something. The violence continues to mount despite the events... Click here!
Comic #183- I Demand You All To Stop This Behavior! Released 01.08.04, Added 10.03.04
Earthquakes that shake the world's very foundations occur, snow falls in tropical areas, and more mysterious events occur. The Creator warns that if the violence does not stop, that the world will end. Click here!
Comic #184- It's The End Of The World, As We Know It Released 01.15.04, Added 10.06.04
The violence did not stop, so the Creator takes steps to end it all. Everything from Technica to The Great RainForest, Desertina to Daredea, is wiped out in what seems to be the end of the world. Click here!
Comic #185- Huh? We Survived?! Released 01.22.04, Added 10.10.04
The heroes re-appear, and start to take control of some of the aspects of the Creator's computer. It starts with an IM from "William324" and "TomSwordsman"... strange things start happening! Click here!
Comic #186- Restore Our World Or Else! Released 01.29.04, Added 10.13.04
Dustin, as a deskmate, is chopping up the desktop with his axe, Zalen is causing some weird screen effects, Thomas appears in other RPG Maker games, and William tells the Creator to restore their world, or this will continue forever! Click here!
Comic #187- Funny, This Doesn't Look Like Vice City Released 02.05.04, Added 10.18.04
A mysterious man appears and begins to rob stores and blows stuff up! Apparently, someone isn't happy with this, William goes to Thomas's house and tells him about what's going on. Click here!
Comic #188- Will the Grand Theft End?! Released 02.12.04, Added 10.20.04
The criminal is told to stop, or pay BIG, but the criminal says, why should I stop, nothing's bigger than me right now! He finds out he's wrong. William has appeared on the scene, and gives him a good punch for trying to blow him up! Yes, one punch gets rid of the armor and 64 POINTS of his health! Click here!
Comic #189- Tommy Vermicelli Won't Give Up The Fight! Released 02.19.04, Added 10.24.04
Tommy Vermicelli ignores William's warning to stop, and gets another pounding, causing his health to drop to 1. Zalen casts a spell, sending this creep back to where he came from. Click here!
Comic #190- 1 Released 02.26.04, Added 10.27.04
2 Click here!
Comic #191- 1 Released 03.04.04, Added 11.01.04
2 Click here!
Comic #192- 1 Released 03.11.04, Added 11.03.04
2 Click here!
Comic #193- 1 Released 03.18.04, Added 11.07.04
2 Click here!
Comic #194- 1 Released 03.25.04, Added 11.10.04
2 Click here!
Comic #195- 1 Released 04.02.04, Added 11.14.04
2 Click here!
Comic #196- 1 Released 04.08.04, Added 11.17.04
2 Click here!
Comic #197- 1 Released 04.15.04, Added 11.21.04
2 Click here!
Comic #198- Bad, Bad Girl? Released 04.22.04, Added 04.22.04
Thomas is saying it's a great day to go to the lake, when he hears someone. It's a great big girl, a giantess that wants to spend some time with William. He knows of a place they can go, but will he regret his decision? Click here!
Comic #199- What's That Guy Thinking?! Released 04.29.04, Added 04.29.04
For the destruction that his friend caused, William is getting assaulted by a helicopter, telling him it's time to take action against his kind, and then blows him up. The girl is very upset at the helicopter for blasting him... Click here!
Comic #200- 200th Comic Spectacular! Released 05.06.04, Added 05.06.04
Another milestone, this time, it's Comic #200! A scene from 2000, 2001, and 2002, two scenes from 2003, and three scenes from 2004 are displayed, as well as the changes in the characters' looks since 2000. Click here!
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