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 Send your fan art or guest comics in to me, so I can look at them and post them! There are some rules, however.
Rules of submission
1. Work must not be negative toward the Comics. All that means, is that since this is supposed to be work that helps the site rather than hurts it, that it should not be used to flame me or the site.

2. No statements that could cause federal trouble! Again, this is easy. The comic should not have the characters act like they're going to commit an act that could be seen as a terrorist threat.

3. Please, oh, please, NO PORN! I know, you might be wanting to show the world how big Sarin's breasts are or to show the REAL "Legend of the Great Sword" for William, but, lots of people that are underage visit this site. By the same token, no sexual acts should be depicted. Thank you.

4. Content must be at least somewhat legible. Since this is meant to be read (in the case of a guest comic), it must be possible to read whatever you wrote.

 Recent Submissions
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