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Comic #161- Slip and Slide, William! Released 08.07.03, Added 07.21.04
William decides to make a run for it, before the storm starts, only to get caught in it! He can't stop on the slippery road and smashes up a car! Click here!
Comic #162- That's A Real Kick In The... Released 08.14.03, Added 07.25.04
The owner of the car sees William and kicks him where it counts! In response, he goes to his house and has a seat. The house is SMASHED under his great weight! Click here!
Comic #163- Putting Out The Fire Released 08.21.03, Added 07.28.04
Oh NO! Mr. Thunderstorm just struck the heroes' house, and William sees the smoke, deciding to see where the smoke is coming from... and sees it's from his friend Thomas's house! Click here!
Comic #164- You Put Out The Fire Using WHAT?! Released 08.28.03, Added 08.01.04
Thomas is FURIOUS with William for spitting on his roof, and William shows us what other ways he could've done it, such as blowing on it (the roof would blow off), stomping it out (the house would collapse), and peeing on it (the smell would never go away) Click here!
Comic #165- He's Going Home Because of You, Tom! Released 09.04.03, Added 08.04.04
Thomas sends William home in anger, while Dustin steps out. Thomas tells Dustin that William's off the team and tries to repair the roof himself, tearing a hole into it while bigger. Click here!
Comic #166- Tom Finally Apologizes Released 09.11.03, Added 08.08.04
Dustin tells Thomas that we need William to repair the roof and that we should apologize. Thomas says William's a huge jerk that he never wants to see again, and a huge torrent of water pours down to cause him to reconsider. They finally go to his house to apologize. Click here!
Comic #167- Oh No! A Strike! Released 09.18.03, Added 08.11.04
William says it's a nice day to fight some monsters... but they're on strike due to not getting an appearance in the comic for a while, which caused the heroes and himself to get laid off! Click here!
Comic #168- The Troubles of Unemployment Released 09.25.03, Added 08.15.04
William is told to stop crying, that the area across from him is getting flooded... and he responds by saying that he doesn't care if the whole world is flooded by him, as long as he and his friends don't have a job, nothing matters! Click here!
Comic #169- The Troubles of Unemployment, Part 2 Released 10.02.03, Added 08.18.04
Much like in Comic #74, the heroes are out of work. Thomas is walking around with his head down, and Dustin is wondering how they will get by. And William is in low spirits, too, as the world starts to take on a 30s Depression look, complete with black and white coloring! Click here!
Comic #170- The Second Great Depression? Released 10.09.03, Added 08.22.04
Crime is starting to increase as Darre is driven to desperation, and even Dustin considers taking a job in the local mob. Thomas then wields his sword, ready to slash him for the idea, and Zalen casts a spell on them to stop the fight. The world has never been this low... at least, not in some time. Click here!
Comic #171- Crime Spree! Released 10.16.03, Added 08.25.04
Crime is at an epidemic level, as only Thomas and William seem to be left out of committing criminal acts- Zalen uses his magic for dirty deeds, Dustin says he'll chop whoever doesn't give in to him, and even Sarin does a dirty deed, by casting status magic. The world seems to have gone crazy! Click here!
Comic #172- Strike Finally Ends, Crime Wave Over! Released 10.23.03, Added 08.29.04
The strike breaks because the monsters get tired of not fighting any heroes, and will gladly return to get even one appearance a year in the comics. The crime wave ends as the heroes are called back to work, and color returns to the world once more. Click here!
Comic #173- I Wasn't Looking At Her On Purpose Released 10.30.03, Added 09.01.04
William is caught in an awkward moment, while walking around, he happens to see a girl- but her boyfriend sees him and wants to beat him up for it! Careful, little guy... Click here!
Comic #174- Looking For The One That Shot Him Released 11.06.03, Added 09.07.04
After getting shot in the face, William is mad, and wants to get the one that shot him. The little guy is being awfully clever, though. Click here!
Comic #175- An Explosive Fight Ensues Released 11.13.03, Added 09.08.04
William and the little guy that is after him get into a fight. You'd think the little guy would have no chance- but he gets the local army to blow him up! Click here!
Comic #176- You Shouldn't Have Hurt Him Released 11.20.03, Added 09.10.04
After blowing William up, the little guy heads home... but when he gets there, Thomas tells him that his friend will get him back for it! Back in his home, the little guy taunts William, and gets to see his finger push in the wall! Click here!
Comic #177- There's No Escape For You! Released 11.28.03, Added 09.12.04
The little guy is driving away faster than William can get to him, so William calls his younger brother, John, to get him to stop the car. He does, and warns him that he's messing with the wrong guys. Then the little guy says a bad word to Little Brian, which gets them ALL mad! Click here!
Comic #178- What You Have To Do Sometimes To Get Them To Listen Released 12.04.03, Added 09.15.04
The little guy refuses to listen to William's request to stop being mean, and William picks up his car and is about to take a giant bite out of it, when the little guy sees his big, sharp teeth and cavernous mouth, he decides to cooperate, after all. Click here!
Comic #179- What Happens While VideoWizard Is On Vacation Released 12.11.03, Added 09.19.04
The heroes try to pass the time because it's a quiet day. So they go swimming, watch the sunset, check out the stars, and go home afterward. The next day, it's still quiet, and they're stuck watching a video game be played by William and his younger brothers. Nothing new seems to be happening... Click here!
Comic #180- What Happens While VideoWizard Is On Vacation (Part 2) Released 12.18.03, Added 09.22.04
What's going on here? Nothing new seems to happen, there are no monsters, just boredom. Even the world's financial institutions seem to be stuck in the doldrums, and teachers can't teach anything new. What is going on here?! Click here!
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