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Comic #1- Untitled Released 11.09.00, Added 04.17.04
The very first comic in the series! Click here!
Comic #2- Untitled Released 11.16.00, Added 04.19.04
We get to see Dustin for the first time, as Thomas tries to escape from William. Click here!
Comic #3- Untitled Released 11.30.00, Added 04.21.04
Because Dustin picked on a little slime, its mom came to get him! Click here!
Comic #4- Untitled Released 12.07.00, Added 04.24.04
Another slime... Thomas wants to get this one, but so does Dustin! And when he doesn't... Click here!
Comic #5- Untitled Released 12.14.00, Added 04.26.04
It's December, and the heroes are in the middle of a winter wonderland. But one of them isn't dressed properly for the weather... Click here!
Comic #6- He's Watching... Released 12.21.00, Added 04.27.04
Second part to last week's story. William gets some winter clothes and finds the heroes are frozen! How will he get them out? Click here!
Comic #7- Dreaming Released 12.28.00, Added 05.01.04
On a cold winter's night, Thomas is having a dream that he is a dragon! He can fly around and cause trouble... but someone else is in his dream, too! Click here!
Comic #8- DANGER! Thin Ice! Released 01.04.01, Added 05.03.04
In the first comic of 2001, Thomas, Dustin, and William are still in winter, and they are walking around... but when William steps on the ice... Click here!
Comic #9- Draggy's Bar & Grill Released 01.11.01, Added 05.04.04
A mysterious wizard comes to Draggy's to taunt the regulars, but the owner of Draggy's FAMILY Bar & Grill won't have it, and... Click here!
Comic #10- The Problems Of Being TOO BIG Released 01.18.01, Added 05.07.04
One of the early classics, this comic shows the problems involved in being giant size, with William serving as the acting character. Click here!
Comic #11- Looking Back At The Blizzard Of 2000 Released 01.25.01, Added 05.10.04
The heroes are snowed in, and Thomas wants to get Dragon Warrior Monsters, but can't! He gets angry after Dustin tells him to wait until tomorrow, and... Click here!
Comic #12- Will The Groundhog See His Shadow Or Not? Released 02.01.01, Added 05.11.04
Continuing from last week, the heroes are shown fixing the house up from the destruction caused last week. Click here!
Comic #13- Tough Luck Released 02.08.01, Added 08.13.04
This comic spoofs the many superstitions supposedly leading to bad luck. Although a dragon sitting on you... the day this comic was added, Hurricane Charley came to Florida. Ouch! Click here to see more!
Comic #14- Shaddap And Watch It, Punks Released 02.22.01, Added 05.14.04
A slime in shades decides to break into the heroes' home to cause trouble. Will the heroes be taken by this slime to the Boss? Click here!
Comic #15- Shaddap And Watch It, Punks: Part 2 Released 03.01.01, Added 05.15.04
William has stopped the horse cart by adding some trees and stuff. In retaliation, the Slime Gang zaps Thomas and Dustin! What will happen next? Click here to see!
Comic #16- Saved? Released 03.08.01, Added 05.17.04
The Slime Gang decided to zap William as well, with enough charge... for him to DROP the cart with the heroes in it! Will the heroes be smashed on the ground below?! Click here!
Comic #17- How To Deal With Meanies Released 03.15.01, Added 05.18.04
The same guy as in #13 reappears to serve as an example as to what happens to mean people in their world. The Slime Gang appear once again, as well! Click here!
Comic #18- Having Fun Making Fun Of Pokemon! Released 03.22.01, Added 05.21.04
Yeah, I know, the games aren't that bad... but in the spring of 2001, Pokemon reached its peak of annoyance, leading to Ash (no relation to the The Webcomic List owner) getting quite a beating, as well as his monsters. Click here!
Comic #19- Survival Of The Fittest Released 03.29.01, Added 05.22.04
Take a wild guess as to what we made fun of next. Coming in 7, we make fun of The Weakest Link (no, really, we do), and the host at that time. Click here!
Comic #20- Whoa... 20 Comics Released 04.05.01, Added 05.24.04
The heroes have a picnic to celebrate reaching 20 comics! But, when you have a picnic (especially in early April), things are bound to go wrong... Click here!
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