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Comic #61- Attack of the Chookie Monster! Released 01.16.02, Added 08.30.04
Chookie from ADVENTURERS! comes through another portal in the sky and finds a glowing green rock. It then goes on a rampage, wrecking the city! The heroes have to stop Giga Chookie before it destroys the world! Click here!
Comic #62- Attack of the Chookie Monster, Part 2 Released 01.23.02, Added 08.31.04
Giga Chookie is giving William a beating as it grows bigger and bigger... but Karn found a rock that does the same thing, and they both grow until they reach another world. Click here!
Comic #63- Chookie Eat World! Released 01.30.02, Added 09.03.04
Giga Chookie and Karn are still growing in this new world (our world), and have reached the top of Mt. Everest already! Giga Chookie then grows big enough to eat the world, but someone doesn't want that to happen and won't let it happen. Click here!
Comic #64- Dragon Kingdoms- 64-Bit Edition Released 02.06.02, Added 09.13.04
The heroes end up in the world of Nintendo 64, apparently in Super Mario 64. It is a world with invisible walls and fog is everywhere! And the N64 puts William in the castle, because of being too big to be allowed there. Click here!
Comic #65- Dragon Kingdoms- 64-Bit Edition, Part 2 Released 02.13.02, Added 09.14.04
William and Mario are on one side of a gap, while a star is on the other. William easily makes it across the gap, until the N64 widens it and he falls down... Click here!
Comic #66- Cinema 16's Winter Movies Spectacular! Released 02.20.02, Added 09.17.04
Near the end of Winter 2002, the heroes decide to return to Cinema 16 to see a movie. De-Evolution is playing, but someone is being too noisy during the movie... Click here!
Comic #67- One Cold Day Released 02.27.02, Added 09.18.04
After a few hot days last summer comes one cold day. One of the coldest days ever faced in the world of Dragon Kingdoms III, in fact. William says he's freezing to Thomas and Dustin, but Thomas doesn't care. What will he do to get his attention?Click here!
Comic #68- Troubles With F2S Released 03.06.02, Added 09.20.04
No Freedom to Surf (F2S) deletes the site, and William sets out to do something about it, much like in the NBCi/XOOM days... Click here!
Comic #69- The Winds of March Released 03.13.02, Added 09.21.04
On a beautiful mid-March day, where the winds are gently blowing, Joshua from Dragon Kingdoms V appears! Joshua talks with William, but he doesn't know him yet. Joshua thinks he's the hero, but Thomas says he's the hero. Meanwhile, quite a storm is building... Click here!
Comic #70- William's Birthday Party Released 03.20.02, Added 09.24.04
William is having a party for his birthday and you're all invited. Just be sure to stay out of any drinks, or you might get swallowed up! Click here!
Comic #71- William's Birthday Party, Part 2 Released 03.27.02, Added 09.25.04
The party concludes, and Dustin managed to escape from Paul's stomach, after being stuck in his drink. They then have pizza and cake, and William blows out the candles on his cake. Click here!
Comic #72- Cross-Dimensional Trip of Doom? Released 04.03.02, Added 09.27.04
It's starting to storm, so William gets ready to get out of the area. However, Joshua then tells him to leave, so he can fight. This storm is one of the worst storms ever to hit the world, and just might be more than that. Click here!
Comic #73- Just Let Him Sleep, Dustin Released 04.10.02, Added 09.28.04
Dustin sees William sleeping, and tries to wake him up by pulling him off the bed. Thomas tells him to stop because if he does fall, he'll fall right on Dustin! Click here!
Comic #74- The Price of Dragonfruit In Little China Released 04.17.02, Added 10.01.04
Apparently, the effect of high gas prices has spread beyond our world... in 1974, they had a severe gas shortage, and in 2002, they had high gas prices as well. Our heroes went through a time of unemployment back then, as well. It's also said a great flood occurred early in 1975... Click here!
Comic #75- 75th Comic Spectacular! Released 04.24.02, Added 06.07.04
To celebrate 75 comics, the heroes are going on a parade through the city! However, Darre wants to cause mischief, and William won't let him go! To get back at them, Darre goes to see John and Little Brian, who are watching the parade, and have a green rock that can help him... Click here!
Comic #76- One Hot Day in 2002 Released 05.01.02, Added 10.02.04
Similar to One Cold Day, this time it's hot everywhere, and it's only the beginning of May! William again picks up the house to get Thomas' attention, but they get into a fight, and Thomas gives William a nasty cut with his sword... Click here!
Comic #57- The Wild, Wild West- Part 4 Released 12.20.01, Added 08.23.04
The conclusion of the Legendary Tales part of the series, there appears to be a Gold Rush in California in the late 1840s! The settlers don't want William to get any gold, so they try to take him down for tons of gold. Click here!
Comic #58- Into the World of Dreams Released 12.27.01, Added 08.24.04
The sequel to 2000's World of Dreams (Comic #7), Thomas is again having a dream. This time, he keeps growing and growing... past William, up into the clouds, up past the clouds, big enough to destroy entire continents. But there is a problem with that... Click here!
Comic #59- ADVENTURERS of Winter Released 01.02.02, Added 08.27.04
For the first comic of 2002, Karn and his party from ADVENTURERS! appear from a portal in the sky. Karn thinks William is a monster and tries to give him a slashing with his sword! But can the sword take it? Click here to find out!
Comic #80- See What Non-Believers Can Do To Webcomics? Released 05.29.02, Added 10.09.04
Black Mage from 8-Bit Theater is zapping William, while Red Mage doesn't believe he exists, so he starts to disappear just as Fighter goes to see the "World's Biggest Sword". What happens next? Click here!
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