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Comic #121- We're Off To See the Wiz...Aaah! Released 11.17.02, Added 12.27.04
William, Thomas, and Dustin are caught in the tornado, and land in the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy taps the ground because it feels funny, only for it to be William's back. She sees his face and starts stomping on it, causing him to tell her to stop it. As for the house, it landed on the Wicked Witch of the East. Click here!
Comic #122- Tom, He Saved Us From The Storm! Released 11.21.02, Added 01.02.05
The traffic map for Emerald City 7 is shown, where the Yellow Brick Road is along the US-Canadian Border, leading to the Emerald City (Seattle). Thomas and Dustin step out of the house, only to see that it doesn't look anything like home. Thomas wants to teach William a lesson by punching his lights out, and begins punching him only to have Dorothy yell for him to stop! Click here!
Comic #123- That's How We Say Goodbye in the Land of Oz Released 11.24.02, Added 01.03.05
They reach the Emerald City, and Thomas apologizes for being mean to William for saving him and Dustin. The Wicked Witch flies by, only to be melted by William spitting on her. Finally, it comes time to leave. Click here!
Comic #124- Returned to the Wrong Home? Released 11.29.02, Added 01.04.05
The heroes leave Oz for home, and finally get there... or do they? It turns out, it's the right world, but the wrong time. They end up in Joshua's time, and Thomas says he's heard that Joshua's the worst hero ever. Joshua says he can take anyone down, which annoys Karen and Lyane... and William, as well. Click here!
Comic #125- The Lesser of The Two? Released 12.01.02, Added 01.05.05
Joshua returns from William's grasp and tells Lyane he is the boss of the world after Lyane told him he wasn't, so William picks him up again. The younger William sees himself in the future, and Joshua tells his William to shut up this one, and gets turned upside down. However, William 3 gets too close to William 5, and... Click here!
Comic #126- The Reign of Ice Rain Released 12.05.02, Added 01.07.05
William 3 is stuck in the Great Sword, and Thomas sees it raining, getting colder, and starting to turn into ice. Suddenly, Williams 4, 5, and 6 start to feel strange. If William 3 isn't freed, he will die, and thus the other three won't exist. Also, the Comics cease to be twice weekly. Click here!
Comic #127- Unsealing the Great Sword Released 12.12.02, Added 01.08.05
William 5 looks in his Great Sword, and sees... a skeleton that looks like himself!!! He tries to unseal him from William 3's Great Sword, but it isn't working. Thomas has to do it! Click here!
Comic #128- The Chosen One, Aussie Style! Released 12.19.02, Added 01.09.05
Joshua is being held upside down by his William until he stops threatening to hurt him. Thomas sees that Joshua's getting what he deserves, and Dustin says that he thinks he's the ruler of the world just because of being the Chosen One. Click here!
Comic #129- The Attack of Willzilla 2003 Released 12.26.02, Added 01.10.05
William is sleeping, having a dream that he's in the middle of a city, and reaches for something to eat. He also can't get through town without stepping on someone or something, and everyone down below says it's Willzilla and to RUN, he's attacking the city! Click here!
Comic #130- Attack of Willzilla 2003 Conclusion Released 01.02.03, Added 01.11.05
Everyone in town is afraid of Willzilla, and tries to force him to the power plant, where he can be zapped, and therefore destroyed! Interesting that it would be re-released on Joshua Seiger Day, and that he would play the role of Joshura in the 2005 Return of Willzilla Special! Click here!
Comic #131- Xylor, the Giant Slime Eats Thomas! Released 01.09.03, Added 01.12.05
Thomas is having a dream where he is with his friends, ready to stomp some foes. William looks for monsters, but can't see any, until... Xylor appears and grabs Thomas, ready to swallow him whole! Click here!
Comic #132- In the Belly of the Slimy Beast! Released 01.16.03, Added 01.14.05
Thomas is swallowed by Xylor, and is falling to its bottom, while William tells it to let his friend go! Xylor not only refuses, but starts to grow to try to eat him as well! Thomas lands and sees hundreds of little Xylors everywhere... Click here!
Comic #133- Fun in the Snows of Winter Released 01.23.03, Added 01.15.05
The heroes go outside to enjoy the wintry weather, as Thomas starts a flashback to Comic #8, where William broke the ice by standing on it. One thing's for sure, William can sure make one BIG snow angel! Click here!
Comic #134- Even William Can Get Sick Released 01.30.03, Added 01.18.05
William tells Thomas and Dustin that he doesn't feel good all of a sudden, and Thomas says he doesn't care! William then lets out a BIG sneeze, that Thomas says if it were any bigger, they'd be in space right now! He then goes home to rest. Click here!
Comic #135- Explodon Dust Makes Him Sneeze Released 02.06.03, Added 01.19.05
William wakes up, feeling better, and goes to see the heroes, when... Ah-choo! Nearby, someone is collecting Explodon crystals to blow up the cities, but William hears them... Click here!
Comic #136- Explodon Is Your Friend Released 02.13.03, Added 01.21.05
This comic shows the Explodon Major Importing Nations and a movie called Explodon Is Your Friend, showcasing that a mixture of TNT and H20 makes Explodon, and that it has lots more power than dynamite. Click here!
Comic #137- BLIZZARD WARNING! Released 02.20.03, Added 05.02.04
A blizzard is about to hit our heroes, and William's heat won't work, so he leaves to find a warmer place, stopping by the heroes' house to ask them to come along. Click here!
Comic #138- The Heroes Leave for Greener Pastures?! Released 02.27.03, Added 05.05.04
Dustin sees an offer in the mail that offers the heroes higher pay in a highly-viewed webcomic, and tells Thomas about it. He and Zalen leave, and Thomas tells William that he's leaving too. This leaves him to run the comic by himself! Click here!
Comic #139- I Have To Run This Comic By Myself?! Released 03.06.03, Added 05.08.04
William thinks he can run the comic by himself for a while, and it actually works quite well for the first few weeks, but afterward... declining views cause William to wonder if the audience is getting tired of seeing him, and he starts to miss his friends. Click here!
Comic #140- The Blonde Titan of Webcomic Union Released 03.13.03, Added 05.12.04
A huge face appears that tells Thomas that he is his, and he cannot leave, EVER, and Dustin says they signed a contract that said they could leave any time, and he is told to shut up and work! Click here!
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